Travelling in thailand is becomming more easy as the infrastucture is improving continually. Most tourists prefer top destinations like Siam4home top destinations in our map. But Thailand is a beatiful country with a very friendly culture. Tourists just need to do a bit more preparation if they want to experience Thailand outside tourist top destinatins. Almost every province has a national park with protected nature. Each province also has its own peculiarities which have been a part of  the existence for thai residents in many centuries.


Thailand is divided into 77 provinces. Each province is led by a governor appointed by the goverment in Bangkok. Laws and regulations are the same in all provinces issued by the goverment in Bangkok.

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We would like to present to our website visitors the best two websites about Thailand. We use Wikipedia in several pages in our web. as additional information. Tourismthailand (TAT) is Thailands official website about info and tourisme in Thailand.

Wikipedia: Provinces of Thailand

Wikipedia gives basic information about Thailand. GeoGraphy, demographics, transport, hospitals etc..    Activate links in Contents box.

Tourismthailand (TAT):   Destinations by Region

Tourismthailand (TAT) gives basic information about Thailand. But it also gives relevant tourist information about attractions and activities , highlights each province etc..

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Siam4home about transport Thailand. Buses, private transport, railway and airports. Maps of bus stations, railway stations and airports. Online booking. General info about transport in Thailand.

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