Become Partner with Siam4home

Why become a Partner

You will enjoy safe and easy bookings of your costumers by online payment. You can also cash payment at check in. We will adjust your partnership with us by your request according to terms and conditions by Siam4home.

Less work but more profit

Teamwork in a worldwide network

You will join a worldwide network of costumers and partners. We run on all internet platforms as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.. Teamwork is very important for us, our partners and costumers.

Contact us for info

You are welcome to contact us for info. We would like to support you for choosen your partner package or developing a package best for your needs.

How does it work?


Sign up Partner

6 step registration for Partner Network Siam4home

1      Partner sign up, on front page

2     Siam4home aprove partner

3     Partner log in, on front page, user dashboard, upgrade, choose Partner Package

4     Siam4home mail payment info to partner

5     Partner complete payment

6     Siam4home mail contract, confirm partner payment and activate partner package

We can also set up registration step 1-4 . New partner will use temporary log in and password until complete payment. Herafter partner choose own permanent log in and password. You are always welcome to contact us for info or assistance


Add your services

You can add your services in your personal dashboard.


Get bookings

Costumers will contact you directly and you can arrange your booking according to terms and conditions with Siam4home.